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Blockly Games : 关于

Blockly Games是一系列教授编程的教育游戏。它是专为没有电脑编程经验的儿童设计。在这些游戏结束时,玩家已经准备好使用传统的基于文本的语言。
Blockly Games is a series of educational games that teach programming. It is designed for children who have not had prior experience with computer programming. By the end of these games, players are ready to use conventional text-based languages.

Puzzle is a quick introduction to Blockly's shapes and how the pieces snap together.

Maze is an introduction to loops and conditionals. It starts simply, but every level is more challenging than the last.

Bird is a deep-dive into conditionals. Control-flow is explored with increasingly complex conditions.

Turtle is a deep-dive into loops. Use nested loops to paint a picture. Then publish your art for the world to see.

Movie is an introduction to mathematical equations. Use math to animate a movie. Then publish your movie for the world to watch.

Music is an introduction to functions. Use functions to compose music. Then publish your music for the world to listen to.

Pond Tutor introduces text-based programming. Levels switch back and forth between blocks and actual JavaScript in a text editor.

Pond is an open-ended contest to program the smartest duck. Use either blocks or JavaScript.

Blockly Games是一个谷歌项目,旨在鼓励未来的程序员。这个游戏的设计是自我调节和自我教学。随意使用 教室内外的游戏。所有代码都是开源的,请参见开发商网站 获取更多信息或下载zip文件以供脱机使用。
Blockly Games is a Google project to encourage tomorrow's programmers. The games are designed to be self-paced and self-teaching. Feel free to use Blockly Games both inside and outside the classroom. All code is open source, see the developer's website for more info or to download zip files for offline use.